✅ showreel footage that doesn't look like 'paid for' showreel footage

✅ bespoke scripts that are specific to you and your casting type 

✅ no duplicate or cookie-cutter style scenes

✅ a filmmaker who takes pride in the work I produce

✅ access to me and my experience/advice

✅ great communication & prompt replies to your questions

✅ a quick turnaround without compromising quality

✅ professional 4K footage as standard, with sound mix + colour grade

✅ 100% commitment to your project

✅ one round of amendments to both script and edit for free

✅ an encouraging and helpful filmmaker


And here are a few things you can expect to avoid.

🚫 dodgy footage that looks like a showreel scene

🚫 bad sound recording

🚫 duplicate scenes

🚫 lack of communication, slow replies to e-mails

🚫 months waiting for your scenes to be edited

🚫 no collaboration and ignoring your opinion

🚫 unfriendly/diva filmmaker


Thank you for considering Daniel Harding Showreels to build your new 'showreel from scratch'. I know choosing which company or person to go with can be a headache and confusing, but rest assured, it is my aim to make the process of getting some professional footage as easy and stress free as possible. So I thought it would be a good idea to list the things you will (and won't) get from me.

If you have any questions about booking, filming, or anything else, either visit our FAQs  page or e-mail me direct, and I will try my best to reply ASAP.