(or: how we go about producing your 'showreel from scratch')

We know it's likely that at some stage you may want to know "what comes next?" when producing your showreel with us, so we wrote this short list of the production 'steps' to make things easier for you! If you're ever unsure of what comes next, just scroll down to have a look at what step seems to relate to you, and see what comes next.

Please visit our FAQs page or contact us if you have any questions or want something clarified, and we'll try our best to reply ASAP.



The first step of the process is to discuss what you'd like to achieve with your new showreel.  Once you've decided how many scenes you'd like to do, you'll need to book your showreel with me. The next step is for you to then fill out a Welcome Pack (which is an online questionnaire designed to ask some of the questions I need answers to before I start writing the scripts) which I will send to you directly, as well as discussing examples and characters you are suited to playing. Once you've filled out the Welcome Pack, we can discuss the showreel over the phone if you'd like to - I am available via email too, and will answer any questions you may have. For further info, be sure to check out the FAQs page


Once I've received the Welcome Pack and deposit, I can begin to work on your script(s) - if I have any questions regarding your answers in the Welcome Pack I will let you know. Otherwise I will then begin to work on the scripts and will be in touch as soon as I've got something for you to read - this will typically take no longer than a week. Once I've finished the scripts, I will send them to you and you will then have a chance to feedback on them and make any adjustments you feel necessary - I recommend taking your time, as I include one round of notes in the price you pay, but anything after that will incur a re-write fee of £30. Rest assured, I won't begin to work on the scripts until I feel comfortable that I know what you're want. For examples of my script-writing, click here. If you are writing your own scripts, I will ask you to send them to me for approval before we move on to the next step.


Once you've approved the scripts, the next step is to organise the shoot. Typically I would have written the scripts with locations and scene partners in mind - which makes your showreel easy to organise. You are responsible for finding both the location and scene partners, but I can help advise on both if needed. Locations don't need to be spectacular, but spending some time to find the right place to film will have a huge affect on the overall production value of your scene(s). If you don't know any actors who are suitable to be scene partners, I can post to my mailing list to help you find someone. I recommend also using Facebook and Twitter to post for a scene partner once you have the script to advertise with. I would suggest that finding scene partners is easily doable and it's not something you should worry about. We will also need to set a date to film - this can be discussed directly with me.


The important bit! If you have any questions about filming before we do, let me know and I can reassure and answer any questions you may have. I will schedule the day accordingly, and we will know what scene(s) we are filming and in which order (assuming you're doing two or more). The schedule will depend on locations, but I will adjust for travel-time accordingly. On the day, I will need time to set up, so you'll be able to use this time to rehearse with the scene partner. We will then begin by filming some of the wider / establishing shots just to help get everyone warmed up. Typically I shoot about 5 or 6 set ups per scene, and filming last about 3 hours per scene - this is just an estimate, as sometimes it can be more or less. On the day, I will also recommend that you look back at your takes to make sure you are 100% happy with what we're doing. If not, you are more than welcome to say and I'll be happy to make any adjustments you want. My aim is to not rush you, I am here to help as much as I can.


After we've finished filming, I require the remaining project fee (minus the deposit) before I begin to edit - I will send you the necessary details, but I recommend keeping a note for your own records, because any delay in payment will result in a delay in your finished showreel. Similarly to the script stage, I will send you the first draft of the edit (using takes I feel are your best and strongest for that scene) but you will then be given a chance to feedback and let me know if you'd like to make any changes. I recommend taking your time with this to make sure you don't need more than one round of notes - this is included in the price you pay, but any additional changes will cost £30 per version. For clarity on this, feel free to ask. Once you're happy with the scenes, I can edit them down into a 'showreel' which consists of your best bits - I do this free of charge. 


At this stage, we part ways. Good luck with your new showreel! 



If you would like to book a showreel, please click here. For any other questions, try visiting our FAQs page or leave an enquiry below
If you don't hear back from me within a couple of days please check your junk mail for a reply
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