1. You make an enquiry by contacting us, or book your 'showreel from scratch' or via the website here

2. Daniel will reply with information about the welcome pack for you to fill out

3. After that, Daniel will then arrange a phone call with you to discuss your scene(s) using the info you have given in the welcome pack

4. We will send you all the necessary info you need to pay the deposit

5. Daniel will then write the script(s) for you (if applicable). You will get a chance to feedback and make one round of amendments if you want/need

6. Once the scripts are signed off, you can then arrange a date with Daniel to film

7. At this point, Daniel can help find actors for the scene(s) if needed, but you are responsible for finding locations

8. You film your scene(s) on the agreed date

9. The remaining fee (minus the deposit) will then be billed

9. Daniel will start editing the scenes, with the first draft ready within a few days to a week after filming. You also get a chance to feedback and make any changes or amendments you feel necessary.

10. Once the scenes are signed off, Daniel can cut together your 'showreel' for free, complete with bookended info slides, which may include; your headshot, actor profiles and contact info (perhaps agent, if you have one)


(or: how we go about producing your 'showreel from scratch')

We know it's likely that at some stage you may want to know "what comes next?" when producing your showreel with us, so we wrote this short list of the production 'steps' to make things easier for you! If you're ever unsure of what comes next, just scroll down to have a look at what step seems to relate to you, and see what comes next.

Please visit our FAQs page or contact us if you have any questions or want something clarified, and we'll try our best to reply ASAP.

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