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Now that all my events are sold out, I do offer the opportunity to film individual showreels from scratch outside of an event, but these are limited to my availability and bookings are not guaranteed. 

By booking an individual showreel from scratch, you still get most of the benefits, i.e. script options, 4K footage, free showreel edit etc., but the main difference with individualised projects is that I do not provide location(s), so you can pick the date we film and where. 

In order to book your showreel from scratch, click here

And like always, any questions, feel free to ask!

You can split the cost of your scene(s) with another actor or actors, but you will be responsible for organising this yourself. I can provide additional edits of the scene(s) for extra screen time and focus for £30 per actor, per scene (otherwise, only a standard edit is provided)

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I am fully booked

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