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When it comes to producing your own showreel material, I want to make the process as easy and straight forward as possible. I've been making showreels for over 5 years now, and typically I would film those projects individually, at different locations, at different times. But at the beginning of the year I had an idea...






Finding a location was perhaps the most stressful part of the process. I still tried to make it easy by writing scripts specific to locations I knew we had available. But now I've gone one step further. With a 'showreel filming event' I book a location for a specific period of time, i.e. 19th-22nd of May. I offer up time 'slots' - think of it like an appointment, with 1 slot = 1 scene. You then turn up at the pre-arranged location at the agreed time and we film your scene. Simples. 

The benefit for you is that the location is sorted, the benefit for me is that I can concentrate fully on the filming rather than have to judge and work-out how to film a new location for each scene. It also means I can film more in a day, and so this equals a lower price (currently priced at £250 per scene/slot). 

If you book a slot, it is still your scene and the only person it'll be shared with is the scene partner who has given up their time to help us - in other words, it is not split with other people who have booked. The slot and scene is yours unless you decide to split the cost, but this is left up to you to organise.

You can still shoot your own individual project, but my availability is limited and I suggest getting in touch before booking.

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch or visit my Events page for more info on when my next event will be. 

Thanks - Daniel

Simply put:

1. It costs £250 per scene, 1 slot = 1 scene

2. I provide the location, which is where we will film

3. It takes place at a specified time, i.e. 19th-22nd of May

4. You pick your preferred date and time within the event

5. You pick a script from options I provide based on you and what you're looking to achieve

6. Scene partners are not other people who have booked, the scene is 100% yours - unless you're splitting the cost

7. Otherwise, it's still the same service I have been providing for the last 5+ years

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