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 Filming showreel scenes are a great way of building and maintaining a showreel, but what if you want more? That's why I've launched a 'make your own short film' option for actors, writers, DPs, or just about anyone who is looking to step up and make something that can then be used as a professional credit, entered into film festivals and shared online to help promote themselves and take their career to the next level.

When you book the short film option, I can provide a script - you can either choose from one I already have written, or we can discuss writing something new. Alternatively, you can provide your own script, but I will need approve it before filming. I also film with my 4K camera, and provide colour grade and sound mix to a professional standard. I will source music (if needed) and produce a poster included in the initial cost. The film will be credited on IMDb, which will count towards professional credits, and you will be credited for your role, as well as 'producer'. 


NOTE: I recommend the 'short film' option to be suitable for an actor who has been in the industry for 3+ years with on-set experience or already has an established showreel. Otherwise, I suggest you book an showreel from scratch with me 

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If you wish to use one of your own scripts, that's cool with me, but I will likely have to offer constructive feedback which costs £50 per revision

If you'd like a teaser trailer cut of your film, this will cost an additional fee of £100
Actors may cost extra

Locations may cost extra

Food & travel expenses for additional cast/crew

Once you've booked, I will contact you and we can arrange a time to talk over the phone. I do take a 20% non-refundable deposit before confirming the project, but I will like to chat with you first before I send you this information 

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