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"Hello! Welcome to Daniel Harding Showreels, and thank you for taking the time to look around my website. My name is Daniel, and I am the creator and filmmaker behind this venture. My love of film started from an early age - I remember fondly visiting the local video rental on my high street and saying "seen, seen, seen" as I walked along the aisle. Fast forward a very long, and I am still (mostly) repeating that mantra to myself, and so I'm glad to say my love affair with film is still going strong!   

It took me a while to realise that films were made and not born, and so once I decided that I wanted to be a filmmaker (with no idea how to be one), I went back to college at 18, which eventually led me university. After graduating, I started my own production company called 23½ Films when I was, yep! Twenty-three and a half years old. I dedicated much of my spare time to writing scripts, which I then produced and self-funded (some of which can be found online). I naturally progressed with each new project, as I learned more and more about filmmaking. Looking back, it was a tough time, as I never (ever) had enough money to make the films I wanted and the little I did have was spent on making my films. However, the time spent was invaluable as it was key to developing my skills and honing my craft - something I'm very proud of today. Everything I know about this industry is through experience, trial and error and hard work. All those years are left me well equipped to make your showreel look professional (please read some of the testimonials I've recently received on the home page). 










                               - Daniel

Jump to the present day, and I now freelance as a filmmaker in a variety of jobs. Recently I edited a stop-frame animation feature with Gigglefish Studios titled Strike, was Production Manager on a feature, as well as Grip on another. I've continued to make my own films, some of which include; S.A.M, Hangry, Punch Bag. and most recently, Dinner With Mum - which has screened at four short film festivals so far, and won the Audience Choice Award at The Box Film Festival in Newbury and received a special me. My enjoyment in all areas of the filmmaking process has enabled me to develop key knowledge and skills that has made Daniel Harding Showreels possible. I want to keep working as I'm doing, as well as begin to write my third feature script (which will hopefully be produced), and continue to grow this company and work with more talented performers.


I started Daniel Harding Showreels six years ago after realising how many actors didn't have a showreel when applying for something I was casting for, and therefore, meant they were totally disadvantaged when it came to casting - especially as auditions are moving more and more online. But how did you get footage unless you were cast? It's a catch-22! Everything I have done with 23½ Films (self-producing, working with small crews etc.) has been ideal practice for the sort of work needed to produce showreels. I can write, direct, film and edit short professional scenes, completely bespoke and unique to you and your casting type. I also genuinely care about the quality of work I produce, so I hope you choose me to help produce your new showreel from scratch. I encourage you to check out our examples page, or contact us directly if you have any questions.


I hope to work with you soon!"

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