✅ Get to the point!

✅ A noticeable variation of performances showing your range

✅ Quality footage that is well produced

✅ An up-to-date headshot bookending your reel

✅ Actor information clear and easy to find

✅ A mixture of film, ad-work and corporate

✅ Clear and obvious scenes that best show YOU

✅Only include your best work, not everything you have

✅Cut the fat and trim the scenes to focus more on you

✅Keep things simple


And some things to avoid.

🚫Don't include self-tapes

🚫No added music

🚫No montages (they're pointless and offer nothing)

🚫No headshot

🚫Dodgy or old footage

🚫Bad sound recording

🚫4+ minutes (we don't have time to watch it all)


We asked ourselves: what makes a great showreel? You may find yourself bombarded with opinions from actors friends and other professionals, which will likely leave you unsure of what to do for the best. Getting your showreel right is as important as putting your clothes on in the morning. It's your calling card after all!  

We devised a list of top tips for a great showreel (bonus tip: filming with us!)

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