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With casting and job opportunities happening more and more online, it's now vital for actors to not only have a showreel, but have one that promotes their best work and appeals to prospective employers. But how do you get quality showreel material before you've been cast? It's a catch-22 and it can take years!


But that's where I step in. 

My aim is to produce professional standard footage that doesn't look like it's from a showreel scene. In my opinion, you want footage that looks like it has been taken from something longer - be it a feature, short or TV series. I am an award-winning filmmaker, and have been making films with 23½ Films for almost ten years. My experience shooting with small crews on low budgets will help guide you through the process of producing a 'showreel from scratch'. 

My focus is primarily on the actor and ensuring that they are given plenty of opportunity to demonstrate their best work. I want to create a relaxed environment so they feel comfortable with the shoot, and I will offer up helpful advice and direction on the day to ensure that we hopefully create footage that casting directors, agents and filmmakers will love and appreciate.

My promise to you is that I pride myself on the quality of work I produce, and I want the best results just as much as you do. Once you've booked with me, I can guarantee that I will be 100% totally committed to ensuring that I produce the best possible footage for you and your new showreel. If you want some proof, I regularly upload examples of my scenes and scripts so you can watch the standard of work I produce.

You're interested, what next? Head over to the Showreels From Scratch page to select a project suitable for you. Once you've booked, I will send you all the info you'll need to confirm your new scene(s) with me. I then require a non-refundable 20% deposit before confirming your project. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page or contact me directly.

So... What's stopping you?

Need a showreel edit?



"I was hugely impressed by the whole process with Dan. From initial consultation to writing, filming and editing the scenes, Dan was incredibly professional, understanding and committed to producing the best possible outcome from our work together. Dan takes great pride in his work and immediately puts you at ease throughout what can be a stressful and time sensitive project. I 100% recommend Dan to fellow actors looking to increase their portfolio of screen work. Thanks Dan!"

- Steve S.

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