I believe the sign of a good showreel scene is one that does not look like a showreel scene. Therefore, I always try to produce unique footage that looks like it has been taken from something longer, be it a feature film, short or TV series. My focus is also primarily on the actor by ensuring the footage I produce gives them the opportunity to demonstrate what they can do, clearly and effectively - resulting in footage ideal for building your new showreel.

My aim is to produce professional scenes that look like they’ve been taken from a short or feature film – perfect for your new showreel. I am an award-winning filmmaker, and have been making films with 23½ Films for almost ten years, and my experience shooting with small crews and low budgets will help guide you through the process of producing a 'showreel from scratch'. To find out more about what you'll get from filming a showreel from scratch with me, visit our why choose us? page. I am based in Brighton, but can travel to London and anywhere in the South East, UK for no extra cost to you!

No more waiting around for footage! I pride myself on a quick turnaround without sacrificing on quality, so all this can be achieved in a matter of weeks (depending on my waiting list which varies from month to month). I also aim to have the finished scene(s) and/or showreel edit sent to you within a few days after filming. I genuinely care about the work I produce, so I regularly upload examples of my scenes and scripts so you can see for yourself the standard of work I produce.

You're interested, what next? Once you've chosen how many scenes you want  to film for your 'showreel from scratch' you can either book via our website or contact us direct. I will then arrange a time to discuss the project further with you at your convenience. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page or contact us directly.

So... What's stopping you?

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So what's next?

Book your showreel option!

or contact us direct: DanielHardingShowreels@gmail.com


"I was hugely impressed by the whole process with Dan. From initial consultation to writing, filming and editing the scenes, Dan was incredibly professional, understanding and committed to producing the best possible outcome from our work together. Dan takes great pride in his work and immediately puts you at ease throughout what can be a stressful and time sensitive project. I 100% recommend Dan to fellow actors looking to increase their portfolio of screen work. Thanks Dan!"

- Steve S.



If you would like to book a showreel, please click here. For any other questions, try visiting our FAQs page or leave an enquiry below
If you don't hear back from me within a couple of days please check your junk mail for a reply
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