What is a 'showreel filming event' and why should I book one?

A 'showreel filming event' is the simplest and easiest way for you to get new showreel material. Events are held for a specified period of time, for example, 16-21st of March 2022, at a pre-arranged location - organised and paid for by me. Within the event, I operate time slots. So for each scene you book, you are entitled to one slot. If you are booking more than 1 scene, you will book a time slot for each scene. 1 scene = 1 time slot. Once I've received your booking, I will send you all the info you'll need to pay the 50% deposit and the doodle event calender so you can pick your preferred slot (within the event time). 6 weeks before the event start, I will send you the 'Script Info Form' - which is how I decide which selection of scripts I send you to choose from. Any questions, feel free to get in touch. Thanks - Dan

Why should I choose Daniel Harding Showreels?

I genuinely care about producing the best possible scene(s) for you and your new showreel. I want you to be happy, which means producing work I can be proud of too. I also have a lot of experience working in the industry, across various roles and production sizes and I believe this experience is invaluable to the process and will go along way to making your experience easy and stress-free (or at least, I try to). I also focus everything towards you and what you want to achieve - the footage isn't a showcase for my nifty new camera slider for example. Another reason is that I've been self-producing my own work with 23½ Films for almost ten years, work which includes; writing, directing, filming, editing and recording sound - all the elements you need to shoot a professional scene. I am able to keep costs lower than most because I film by himself. However, I'm confident this does not compromise on quality, but rather keeps the production efficient. I pride myself on the quality of the work I produce, so be sure to check out some of the previous example scenes I've produced.

How long does filming take?

A slot lasts 2.5 hours. This should give us plenty of time, as everything will be set up ready to go. You will also get time to rehearse with your scene partner on the day as well.

Can I provide my own scripts?

Of course you can, no problem! But often my advice is not to. I've written over 2000+ showreel scripts, and there is an art to it that other written forms don't necessarily compliment - you want to demonstrate a defined character in a very short space of time, whilst also taking into considerations the restrictions we have with time, event location and budget - most pre-written scripts I am presented with don't do this, which will only work against the final product. If you insist on providing your own script, I will need to approve it before we film.

How many scenes do I need?

This is completely up to you. I know that no two actors are the same, and I am more than happy to discuss this with you. If you are starting totally from scratch, I recommend going for the 3 Scenes (which means booking 3 event slots), as this will provide you with ample footage to cut together your new showreel - potentially cherry picking your favourite bits. 2 scenes (or 2 event slots) work well if you've just graduated or know you've got more footage coming and want to wait before cutting a showreel together. This still manages to show some range in your performance, and we've shot many successful projects this way. I would recommend getting 1 scene (1 event slot) if you're dipping your toe back into the industry, or you need something specific for a potential casting. 1 scene isn't classed as a showreel per-se, but is definitely better than nothing!

What happens after we've shot the scene(s)?

Once the showreel event has finished, I will attempt to start the edit, sound mix and colour grade of your scene(s) the day after we film, and I aim to have the finished scene(s) to you within 7 days after the showreel event end. I will also bill you for the remaining amount owed of your project fee (minus the deposit). Once I've received the final payment and the scene is ready, I will send the scene(s) to you via WeTransfer, and you'll have a chance to feedback on the scene(s) and give one round of notes - please try to be concise and prompt with your notes as a second round of alterations will likely incur a cost of £30, and any notable delay will likely result in you waiting longer for your finished scenes than perhaps necessary. If you are shooting two or more scenes, I offer a 50% discount on showreel edits - this will provide you with a single file compromised of your 'best bits' of footage you have. If you have other clips, you can send them to me, otherwise I recommend choosing your preferred 30 seconds from each clip to use. For further info on this, feel free to ask.

I'm unsure about something, what do I do?

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions you may have and I'll endeavour to answer as soon as possible.

When do I pay?

You pay a 50% deposit to secure your event slot - I will send you all the info you'll need to pay after you've booked on the Events & Booking page. The remaining fee is then billed after we film but before I send the edited scene.

Can I split the cost of a scene with another actor?

You are more than welcome to 'split' your event slot(s) with another actor - but please let me know before paying the deposit. I don't charge any extra for this service, but I'd like to try and provide a script you are both happy with. If you would like an additional edit to give you more screen time, there is a charge of £30 per scene. Otherwise the edit will be evenly focused on both of you.

What happens on the day of filming?

You would've selected your date and time to arrive at the event location (I will send you the address sometime before the event start date). I ask that you turn up 5 minutes before your time and no sooner as I may be filming beforehand. You then have 2.5 hours to film your scene, which gives us plenty of time. You will have time to rehearse with your scene partner, and I will help block the scene with you, and offer some direction if needed. We will then film multple set ups (camera angles), which will enable me to edit the scene together to make it look professional. You will get as many goes as it takes to 'get it right' within your alloted time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Where are events held?

I am based in Hove (near Brighton), but I hold events anywhere around the South East - please check the Events & Booking page for upcoming events. If there are no suitable events near you, you can request me to come to your area and if I receive enough interest I will book an event there.

Why do I pay a deposit?

I have to pay for the location and only provide limited filming slots within the event date, and so by paying a 20% deposit this ensures me that you are serious about filming - the remaining fee is then billed after we film, and before I send the edited scene. A deposit also secures a slot for you to film - something we can discuss once you've paid. The deposit is non-refundable, so please be 100% sure you're happy to move ahead before paying it.

Can I reschedule my shoot date?

If you're unable to make the event you've booked, unfortunately there is not much I can do. To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you only book an event one you are 100% sure that it is suitable for you. I only film 'showreel events' and unable to organise individual shoot dates. If you need to cancel due to illness, a family bearevement, or COVID, then your deposit will be valid for any other event (if one is available).

My scene partner wants the footage too, is that okay?

The footage is yours, and it's totally up to you what you do with it. But if you've cast a scene partner and they're not being paid, the overhwhelming probability is that they'll want the footage as payment. If you don't want to do this, please let me know - but we may struggle to find scene partners willing to help us out for nothing.

I want a completely new showreel, what do I do?

You have a few options. You can book multiple events, and so you can build your showreel that way - 1 slot = 1 scene. So if you wanted 3 scenes, you could book 3 slots, either at one event, or other a few (depending on what I have available)

I already have footage, can you help?

I sure can! I can edit together all your clips into one, concise and focused showreel. Feel free to contact me about this service, or visit the Edit My Reel page for examples. A 'showreel edit' is £100, and I take payment upfront before any work starts. Once I've received all the clips (I recommend sending them to us using WeTransfer and send to my e-mail address: and payment, I will begin working on your new edit. If you have a certain preferences to the running order or preferred clips you want to use first, do let me know, otherwise I will choose what I think works best. This includes 1 round of notes included in the price you pay, so if I don't get it right first time, you can make any changes you feel necessary free of charge.

Can you help find me scene partners?

If you don't know any actors to be your scene partner, it's easy to find some who are looking for showreel material. I recommend posting online, either using facebook or twitter, and give some details about what you're doing, what you're looking for and your selected script - so they can read it and see if they'd like to apply. They will then contact you, and you can choose your preferred actor. If you have trouble with this, let me know and I can go into more detail.

How do I book?

Head over to Events & Booking

What's the best way of contacting you?

If you want to book, head over to the Events & Bookings page. If you want to ask a question, you can Contact Me direct by using the email I do not respond to text, whatsapp, or social media messages. Please stick to email if you can. Thanks :-)

What about scripts?

As part if the package, I provide a selection of unused & original two-page scripts written by me for you to choose from. After you've booked and paid a deposit, I will send you the 'Script Questionnaire' - which is an online questionnaire I've designed to help me get a sense of what sort of scene/script you're looking for, and what you'd be suitable for. Once I've received your info, I will send you a selection of scripts to choose from. If I don't have anything suitable, or if you're not happy with the options, I will write you something bespoke. All the examples on my website are scripts written by me. So as long as it's 'doable', i.e. location and budget wise, I should be able to get you exactly what you want. From there, my advice is to go with the one that resonates with you most - but try to think about what your new showreel needs, and what sort of footage is likely to bring your opportunities in the future.

How do I find locations?

You don't. By booking a 'showreel event' the locations is provided for you.

What is a showreel scene?

Simply put, it's a way for actors and performers to gain much needed footage so they can build their own showreel to progress their careers. Much of the time, actors are caught in a catch-22. How do you get work if you haven't worked already? That's where I step in. I've been filming showreel scenes for over 5 years now, and I've written 1000s of 2-page scripts, and filmed somewhere in the excess of 700+ scenes. I am a one-stop shop for actors looking for new showreel footage, and a 'showreel scene' is what I produce. From that footage, actors then cherry pick their favourite 30/40 seconds to include in a showreel edit, which is comprised of multiple clips,