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An example of showreel feedback

"Firstly thank you for booking my service and sending over your reel. Seeking feedback is part of the process not many people have the guts to do, even though it’s a crucial part of learning and growing. In my career as a filmmaker I’ve also sought feedback, and whilst it can be hard to hear, it’s helped me more than I likely know. 


And on to your reel. 


On my first watch, I felt like you stayed on the first scene too long. After multiple watches I understand that you likely don’t have any other footage available from the second and third scene you include (or do you?) which explains why you stay on the first scene for over a minute. But it will likely work against you, as after about 15 seconds I started to skip. I felt the scene and your performance stayed the same and it didn’t really go anywhere. There is an unwritten rule, or preference, that reels should be kept to about 2 minutes, but I feel like you’ve stretched your footage to get it to that length. In your case, I think less is more. You won’t be judged if your reel doesn’t run to 2 minutes, but you will be judged if you waste our time. CD’s will be watching thousands of showreels, and so whilst a few seconds may not seem like much to you, it will to people watching as those few seconds will accumulate. 


Also, I am slightly dubious about your headshot. It’s a great snap, but you look noticeably different, especially with your hair colour, and so I don’t know who I’d be getting if you turned up for an audition. Is your headshot newer than your first scene? I know it’s hard to keep everything up to date, but it may be worth considering leaving a note to whoever you apply to and just explain - this will help clarify and prevent any confusion. 


You sent me a twitter link to your reel. Personally I would upload it directly to either YouTube or Vimeo, the reason being is that firstly it looks slightly unprofessional, especially as I now can snoop your twitter feed, but also because Twitter asks me to sign in which I have to click off of. Also, make sure your bookend is what people see when they haven’t pressed play. This will help ensure your details are visible before anyone has clicked play. 


If I were you, I would consider seeking out a couple of new scenes. I get a sense the second and third are a lot older than the first. I know it’s hard, and there is a temptation to include whatever you have because it’s still you acting, right? But I’m left questioning why you have included old footage. If gives a sense that you haven’t worked much recently. I know Covid has likely played a part, but there will be other actors out there who are updating their reels now. I don’t like suggesting people get a showreel company to do it, but even if it’s student stuff, or friends making films, or anything like that, if you can get a couple more 20 seconds or so to replace the older stuff, I think that will help you massively. 


I hope that’s helpful. If you have any follow up questions, let me now.



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