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  • What is a showreel scene?
    A "showreel scene" is a short clip that is used to showcase an actor's abilities. The clip should focus on an actor's performance in a specific role, and aim to highlight their talents and casting type. Showreel scenes are typically shorter and more focused on the actor's performance than scenes from a feature film or TV series, which often geared towards narrative and story. Producing your own showreel scenes is an excellent way to build and maintain a showreel - which is a vital part of an actor's ability to get auditions and jobs. It can be more efficient and effective than waiting for footage from completed productions, which can take months or years to be released. Showreel scenes also allow actors to control the material that appears in their showreel and can showcase their abilities in specific areas, such as comedy or drama. That's where I step in. As a showreel scene producer with over six years of experience, I can help actors create professional-quality showreel scenes. I write scripts, film scenes, and edit the footage to ensure that the final product meets the actor's needs. With my help, actors can create showreel scenes that stand out and demonstrate their range as performers. If you're an actor looking to update your showreel or create new footage, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about showreel scenes and how they can benefit your career.
  • Why should I choose Daniel Harding Showreels?
    I am committed to delivering the best possible scenes to you for your new showreel. My ultimate goal is to help you with your career by producing quality, professional scenes that will showcase your abilities, which drives me to produce work that I can be proud of too. With extensive experience in various roles and production sizes in the industry, I believe that my expertise is invaluable to the process and will make your experience smooth and stress-free. My focus is entirely on you and your goals. The footage I produce is not a showcase of my gear or equipment, such as my nifty new camera slider or expensive gimble, but rather a showcase of your talents and abilities. Additionally, I have been self-producing my own work with 23½ Films for over ten years, work which includes; writing, directing, filming, editing and recording sound - all the elements you need to shoot a professional scene. As I film by myself, I am able to keep costs lower than most, but I am confident that this does not compromise the quality of the work I produce. Rather, it allows me to maintain an efficient production process. I take great pride in the quality of my work, and you can check out some of the example scenes I've produced previously. If you have any more questions about me or Daniel Harding Showreels, feel free to get in touch.
  • How do I book?
    Please visit my Showreels From Scratch page and explore the available options. After you have made a decision, kindly complete the booking form located at the bottom of the page. Once I receive your booking request, I will promptly get in touch with you to provide additional information on the next steps. Please note that to secure your project, I require a 20% deposit, which will likely be the first email you receive from me after booking. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm your project until the deposit has been paid, and so I recommend booking only when you're ready to pay. Feel free to contact me if you have any further inquiries regarding the booking process.
  • Why do I pay a deposit?
    To confirm your showreel project with me and secure a filming date, a 20% deposit is required. This deposit also enables me to begin working on your scripts. Although a deposit is a standard practice among showreel companies, I only require a 20% deposit. This gives you ample time to raise the remaining 80% of the fee, which will be billed after filming but before I send your scenes. It is important to note that the deposit is non-refundable. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you are fully committed to moving forward with the project before paying the deposit. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about the deposit or any other aspect of the project.
  • How many scenes do I need?
    No two actors are alike, and neither are their requirements. Therefore, the number of scenes you choose to shoot is entirely up to you. I have shot a single scene on numerous occasions, and I have also provided up to four scenes when necessary. If you have no existing footage, I would advise opting for three scenes. This is because you can then use roughly 30 to 40 seconds from each, resulting in a two-minute reel that showcases your range while featuring a blend of styles and genres. As someone who occasionally casts my own projects, I know what I want to see in a showreel, and I believe that three clips lasting two minutes is the optimal length. If you already possess some shorter clips that you want to use, I would recommend two scenes. This approach allows you to refresh your reel while also exhibiting some variety. For example, you might choose to feature one clip showcasing your natural self and another portraying a character that you aspire to play but have yet to demonstrate. Additionally, incorporating some of your current clips creates a watchable collage of your work. If you are satisfied with your current showreel but desire something fresh, I would suggest a single scene. This is a great way to update your reel, and if you have no existing footage, one scene is probably insufficient. With two scenes, you will most likely want to add something new before too long. One scene is an option for "topping up" or testing the waters to see whether acting is right for you. However, one scene by itself does not technically constitute a showreel, and if you use it as such, do not be surprised if a casting director asks for more material. Remember, you can always divide the cost of your showreel project with other actors who require footage. Using social media to locate other actors can reduce the expense while still providing you with new footage. However, it also decreases your screen time and project control since you must accommodate the other actor(s) as well. Please contact me if you have any further questions about how many scenes you should book.
  • What about scripts?
    As part of the Daniel Harding Showreels service, I provide a two-page script with every scene booked. Once you have confirmed your booking and paid the deposit, I will send you the 'Script Questionnaire,' which I have designed to help me understand your vision, and to gain insight into the kind of scene or script you have in mind, as well as the type of roles that will suit you both now and in the future. This extra step in the process ensures that you receive the footage you want, as I believe that bespoke scripts are the foundation for any successful showreel scene. I do not impose my ideas on you, as I understand that you know yourself best. Instead, I provide advice based on the information you provide, and my main suggestion is to keep things simple in terms of genre and scope. Too often, showreel scenes try to achieve too much, with exaggerated stakes that make the scenes overly dramatic and unrealistic. My goal is to provide material that is both professional-looking and authentic, and the scripts I provide will reflect this. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will begin writing your script(s), which I will send to you in advance of the shoot date, so that you have ample time to provide feedback and suggest any necessary changes. One round of notes is included in the package, but any further revisions to the script will incur a fee of £30 per revision. I recommend that you provide feedback within one round of notes to avoid additional charges. If you have any further questions about the scriptwriting service that I provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • How do I find locations?
    Many showreel companies tend to use the same limited number of locations repeatedly, which is something we should avoid. In my opinion, nothing is worse than seeing the same setting used for different actors because it gives the impression that the footage was shot for showreel, which will probably end up working against you. That's why I refrain from providing locations. Instead, I am more than happy to travel, and what makes my footage unique is that I almost always shoot in different locations. This approach produces professional footage that stands out and is not immediately recognised as showreel content among other professional footage. Despite the potential challenge, securing a location does not have to be complicated. You may be surprised how easy it is to obtain permission to film in certain locations if you ask politely. It could be your home, your garden, your workplace, your favourite pub, or restaurant. Many people are intrigued by the world of filmmaking, and even if they decline, what's the worst that could happen? By securing a distinctive location, your footage will be distinctive, and it will be worth the extra effort. I can write scripts that work in any location, so take your time, and don't be afraid to ask around. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further inquiries about locations.
  • How long does filming take?
    I set aside 3 hours to film a scene. This includes set up, rehearsals and multiple takes. I know some companies can do a scene in an hour, but this is not how I like to work. I like to give you plenty of time to find your performance, and feel comfortable with what we are doing. I believe 3 hours is perfect for a 2-page script. If we are filming more than 1 scene, I will often try and schedule a short 30 minute break between each scene, just to give you time to rest, eat and change your costume. If I believe the scene will take longer, I will schedule accordingly. Get in touch if you have any more questions about how long it takes to film.
  • I already have footage
    Not only can I film showreel scenes, I can also edit together all your clips into one, concise and focused showreel. Feel free to contact me about this service, or visit the Edit My Reel page for examples. A 'showreel edit' is £80, and I take payment upfront before any work starts. Once I've received all the clips (I recommend sending them to us using WeTransfer and send to my e-mail address: and payment, I will begin working on your new edit. If you have a certain preferences to the running order or preferred clips you want to use first, do let me know, otherwise I will choose what I think works best. This includes 1 round of notes included in the price you pay, so if I don't get it right first time, you can make any changes you feel necessary free of charge. If you are filming 2 or more scenes with me, this service is provided to you for free. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
  • Can you help find me scene partners?
    If you don't know any actors to be your scene partner, it's easy to find some who are looking for showreel footage. I recommend posting online, either using facebook or twitter, and give some details about what you're doing, what you're looking for and your selected script - so they can read it and see if they'd like to apply. They will then contact you, and you can choose your preferred actor. If you have trouble with this, let me know and I can help you find actors. Get in touch if you have any more questions about finding scene partners.
  • Can I split the cost of a scene with another actor?
    You are more than welcome to 'split' your scene(s) with another actor - but please let me know before paying the deposit. I don't charge any extra for this service, but I'd like to try and provide a script you are both happy with. Occasionally a client has failed to tell me which makes for a very awkward conversation when I eventually find out. It's honestly no problem, so just let me know. If you would like an additional edit to give you more screen time, there is a charge of £30 per scene. Otherwise the edit will be evenly focused on both of you. Get in touch if you have any more questions about splitting the cost.
  • Can I provide my own scripts?
    Of course you can, no problem! But often my advice is not to. Having written over 1000 showreel scripts, I have learned that crafting a compelling showreel scene requires a distinct skillset that doesn't necessarily translate well from other written forms. So even if you've written your own scripts before, writing a showreel scene is completely different, and often harder, as you have a limited amount of time to showcase the character and their type within 2-pages. If you'd like some advice on writing your own scripts, please click here. If you still want to provide your own script(s), keep in mind that I will need your guidance on the day of filming to achieve your desired outcome effectively. It's very hard for me to direct a scene that I have not written, especially when the person I'm directing is the writer. If you have provided your own script, I will likely ask you to give me direction, as you will have a better idea of what you are trying to achieve. Part of my script writing process is to allow you to tell me what you want in the form of a 'Script Questionnaire' I send to you after you've booked and paid the deposit. So if you have an idea for your scene(s), then my recommendation is to allow me to translate your ideas into 2-page scripts I know will work. If you have any further questions about providing your own script, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • When do I pay the remaining amount?
    You've paid the 50% deposit to secure your showreel project, and the remaining 50% is then billed after we film but before I send the edited scene.
  • What happens on the day of filming?
    We've got the scripts, secured the locations, chosen your scene partners, and scheduled the day. Now it's time to film. I will arrive at the first location at the time agreed and begin to set up. We will arrange for the scene partner for that scene to arrive soon after, and you can begin running through lines whenever you feel comfortable. If we are shooting multiple scenes, we will schedule for the other actor(s) to arrive when they are needed. Once I'm almost set up, I will let you know so we can start getting ready to film. I'm not a huge fan of rehearsals beforehand because occasionally something good happens, and so I will often film wider angles first so we can rehearse whilst the camera is rolling. This will also give you time to relax and get used to the process. You can 'run through lines' with your scene partner, which is a more casual way of rehearsing, just to make sure you're ready to go once I'm set up. I will then give you the choice of either going first or second - this is because we don't film both actors at the same time, but instead compile the different shots into one during the editing process to make it (magically) appear as though everything was happening all at once. If you go first, I will position the camera to face you. Likewise, if you decide to go second, I will position the camera to face the scene partner. Once all the lines and performances have been shot from that position, I will then 'reverse' the coverage, and shoot the other way - giving me both angles to edit together. We will film multiple set-ups (camera angles), which will enable me to edit the scene together to make it look professional - some close, some wide etc. You will get as many goes as it takes to 'get it right' within your allotted time as you want or need. I will offer advice and direction as we go, and I will try to ensure we capture your best performance. If you've never filmed before, this process may seem overwhelming, but rest assured, I know what I'm doing (most of the time). All you need to do is remember your lines, and act when I say "action!" Get in touch if you have any more questions about what happens on the day of filming.
  • Will you provide direction on the day?
    Of course. If I've written the script, I will be more than happy to help you find the right notes to hit. I've been directing for over 10 years, and I've been working with actors at various stages of their careers, and so I believe my skills as a director will benefit you and the end result. That being said, you still need to do the appropriate amount of work on your script and scene, in order to ensure that you give your best and don't rely on me too much. Obviously I will have little prior knowledge of you and your ability, but I will try and suss that out quickly so I can provide you with some direction if needed. And so if I don't give direction, it's likely because I don't feel it's necessary. If you have provided your own script, it is very hard for me to give direction, especially if you've written the script yourself - as you will likely have a better sense of what you're trying to achieve. If you provide your own script, I will encourage you to look at playback throughout filming so you can judge for yourself whether you're happy. You can tell me what you're going for, and if I think it's working I will tell you. If it's not, I will provide you time and space to try something else - whatever it takes to make sure you're happy. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.
  • What happens after we've shot the scene(s)?
    Once we've finished filming, I will attempt to start the edit, sound mix and colour grade of your scene(s) the day after we film, and I aim to have the finished scene(s) to you within 7 days. I will also bill you for the remaining amount owed of your project fee (minus the deposit). Once I've received the final payment and the edits are ready, I will send the scene(s) to you via WeTransfer, and you'll have a chance to feedback on the scene(s) and give one round of notes - please try to be concise and prompt with your notes as a second round of alterations will likely incur a cost of £30, and any notable delay will likely result in you waiting longer for your finished scenes than perhaps necessary. If you are shooting two or more scenes, I offer a free showreel edit - this will provide you with a single file of your 'best bits' of footage you have. If you have other clips, you can send them to me, otherwise I recommend choosing your preferred 30 seconds from each clip to use. Get in touch if you have any more questions.
  • My scene partner wants the footage too
    Once you've paid the final amount owed, the footage is yours, and it's totally up to you what you do with it. But if you've cast a scene partner and they're not being paid, the overwhelming probability is that they'll want the scene for their own use. This doesn't mean the scene has been 'split', but instead they will get what I give to you. The focus in the edit will still be on you, but they may find some of the scene useful for their own showreel. I do provide an additional edit fee of £30 if you allow them to get the scene re-edited to favour them for their own purposes. I often recommend doing this purely because it's a way of ensuring payment for their time and effort. Get in touch if you have any more questions.
  • Can I reschedule my shoot date?
    If you're unable to make the date you've booked, I need to know two weeks in advance. If you cancel within that time - I do charge a £100 rebooking fee before I will secure you another date in my diary, as well as requiring the remaining 80% of your project fee to be paid. This is because I can only sustain this business, as a self employed person, if people stick to their agreed dates. I had to introduce this policy after receiving too many last minute cancellations because people were not ready to film. I don't like doing it, but if you cancel within two weeks, this is my policy - please only pay the deposit if you're happy and agree to this. My advice is to not agree on a date until you are 100% sure that the date is suitable for you. If you need to cancel due to illness, a bereavement, or COVID, then please let me know and we can come to an arrangement. Please also be aware that my availability is often very limited, so I might not be able to find you a new date for 6 weeks or longer. Get in touch if you have any more questions.
  • What's the best way of contacting you?
    If you want to book, head over to the Showreels From Scratch page. If you want to ask a question, you can Contact Me direct by using the email I do not respond to text, whatsapp, or social media messages. Please stick to email if you can. Thanks :-)
  • I'm unsure about something, what do I do?
    Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions you may have and I'll endeavour to answer as soon as possible.
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