= £450

This project option will provide you with two scenes, roughly 1:30 minute in length each, as well as, two 2-page bespoke scripts (written exclusively for you by me). The 'introductory' showreel option is perfect if you are fresh out of drama school or thinking about coming back to acting after a period out, as this will help start the process of building your new showreel. Filming two scenes will give you the opportunity to explore two different characters and genre, which goes a long way to showing casting directors and agents your abilities.


I recommend that you make sure you know what your casting type is before booking, as I will write a scene that allows you to demonstrate your natural abilities. With the second scene you should think about offering something different, whether it be through character or genre, the two scenes should be notably different. I often suggests thinking about character you'd 'like' to play, rather than the one you would get cast for.


Once you have filled out the booking form on our prices + booking page, I will get in touch with you to explain what happens next. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page or contact us directly.

Note: I require a 20% deposit before any pre-production or script writing begins, and then the remaining total will be billed after we shoot but before the first draft is sent. I will send you all the necessary info to pay after you book.


If you would like to book a showreel, please click here. For any other questions, try visiting our FAQs page or leave an enquiry below
If you don't hear back from me within a couple of days please check your junk mail for a reply
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