Title: The Man Of Her Dreams

Performed by: Emily O'Mahoney

Genre: Light Comedy

About: All the delivery man wants is a signature, but Zoe wants more than just the parcel.

Info:  Emily filmed two scenes with one - one crime/drama, and this one, a comedy. Daniel wanted to make sure Emily had to contrasting scenes that could show off her ability and range. She suggested an awkward comedy would suit her best, and this is what Daniel wrote.

Title: The Real Tragedy

Performed by: Dorothea Jones, Ben Valentine

Genre: Investigative/Crime Drama

About: Two detectives at odds with the task in hand. 

Info: Dorothea wanted a scene that showed her playing a 'strong' character, feeling as though her showreel already had plenty of comedy and lighter characters.

Here are some examples of the scripts Daniel has written, if you would like to see something more specific (i.e. a genre), please feel free to ask.

If you would like to see more specific examples, please ask us.



All my bespoke showreel options come with a 2-page script written exclusively by me (Daniel), but I also offer an 'additional' script writing service. Whether it be comedy, drama, thriller or just about anything else, I can write a 2-page script that you can then use for your own purposes - even if you're not getting a project filmed with me! 


Click here for examples of my recent script work.


If you are looking for a script for your showreel project but you are not filming with me, you can still buy an 'additional' script from us for £40.

You can also chat to us directly to discuss this service.


Title: An Honest Breakup

Performed by: Pablo Coehlo

Genre: Drama

About: Danny and Olivia are on the verge of breaking up. But after a positive phone call, they both realise they want to see each other again.

Info: Pablo knew his casting type leaned towards the criminal/gangster type and so wanted to show something a bit different with this scene. Daniel had the idea of a phone call, and we think it turned out great.

Title: Teary Eyed

Performed by: Steve Larkin

Genre: Crime

About: Colin has been tasked with retrieving some money for his both, but unfortunately Adam no longer has it. 

Info: Steve wanted to play a gangster type who had a vulnerable side. Daniel has worked with Steve before and so knew his casting type, and was also able to have some fun with the character. Steve can play a hard man, but also has room to play a lighter side.

Title: The Yellow Gloves

Performed by: Sophie Ormond

Genre: Comedy

About: Nora is trying to change careers by becoming the star of her own reality T.V. show, but the actual job goes really badly.

Info: Sophie filmed three scenes with us, and so wanted to offer something more comedic to her showreel. She mentioned to Daniel that The Office was a favourite, so Daniel took that as inspiration.


Title: Cheer Up

Performed by: Sophie Ormond

Genre: Family Drama

About: a daughter has been tasked with looking after her father, who is noticeably not very grateful.

Info: we shot three scenes with Sophie, and this scene was written in order to demonstrate range and offer her a different role to play. The character is downbeat, but Sophie wanted some tender moments too.


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