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Here are some examples of the scripts Daniel has written, if you would like to see something more specific (i.e. a genre), please feel free to ask.

If you would like to see more specific examples, please ask us.



When it comes to writing scripts, it's fair to say I have some experience. I have written 30+ short films, 6 feature films, 3 plays, a 6-part audio drama and somewhere in the region of 1000+ showreel scenes. So whether it be comedy, drama, thriller or just about anything else, I can write what you need. My process ensures that I write specific to you, your casting type and what you're looking to achieve. I can also write with restrictions and location availability in mind. 

Click here for examples of my recent script work.


If you are looking for a script for your showreel project but you are not filming with me, you can still buy an 'additional' script for £50

You can also contact me directly to discuss this service

Title: Toast
Performed by: Nneka Barnes 
Genre: Comedy
Tagline: An overly keen health freak decides that getting rid of all the food is the only answer
About: This is a script that I had knocking around for a while, but comedy is often scary and harder to do. However, I think Nneka is perfect for this role, and she does a great job at bringing my script to life.


Title: War
Performed by: Rashid Matabaro, Peejay Peterson 
Genre: Crime Drama
Tagline: A concerned brother confronts a local drug dealer who is seen hanging around and causing problems
About: Rashid was another client who booked 4 scenes, and whilst this scene is likely going to bring him more opportunities as it plays into his natural casting type, I still think he did an incredible job with the script (as did Peejay) - I would hire him off this scene alone


Title: What's For Dinner?
Performed by: Aurea Williamson, Colin Michael Rance
Genre: Drama
Tagline: An emotionally abusive husband questions his wife's whereabouts, who in turn tries her best to deflect his suspisicions
About: Aurea was brave enough to book 4 scenes with me and so we had a lot of room to push the boundaries of her casting type. I was genuinely left stunned at how Aurea managed each character, especially with this script, which required a subtle touch. On the page it might not seem like much, but both Aurea and Colin brought it to life

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 12.54.31.png

Title: Communication

Performed by: Gillian Fischer, Mark Beauchamp

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Tagline: A married couple of over twenty years discuss what it may take to spruce up their relationship

About: This was one of three scenes I wrote for Gillian, and I wanted to make sure I offered her range. Gillian was dipping her toe in, and so I suggested a light comedy to start off with. I think both actors do a terrific job at beginning the humour to life


Title: Kill Me
Performed by: Maurice Humphrys, Simon Christian
Genre: War / Drama
Tagline: A solider looking for a moment of rest in a seemingly abandoned church is confronted face-to-face with the enemy
About: I had worked with Maurice a number of times before, and whilst I think he's a talented comedic actor, we both agreed something dramatic was lacking from his reel. I mentioned a war idea in passing and Maurice encouraged me to develop it into a showreel script

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 13.04.32.png

Title: Good For Jack
Performed by: Beau Baptist, Stephen Lee 
Genre: Drama
Tagline: An overworked teacher has to try and reconcile with an angry parent, who is concerned about his son's development
About: This was a split-script between Beau and Stephen, each wanting to bring their own ideas to the script - I was more than happy to oblige. I suggested that Beau needed a softer character to contrast with footage he already has, and Stephen wanted to be the aggressor

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 12.53.18.png
Script examples
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