Here are some examples of the scripts Daniel has written, if you would like to see something more specific (i.e. a genre), please feel free to ask.

If you would like to see more specific examples, please ask us.




All my bespoke showreel options come with 2-page scripts written exclusively  for you by me, but I also offer an 'additional' script writing service if you only need a script or two. Whether it be comedy, drama, thriller or just about anything else, I can write a 2-page script that you can then use for your own purposes - I write with your casting type in mind and will take into consideration any restrictions you may have.


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If you are looking for a script for your showreel project but you are not filming with me, you can still buy an 'additional' script for £60

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Title: What's The Point?

Performed by: Tom Dussek, Daniel Dussek

Genre: Drama

Tagline: After a serious injury, a father begins to coach his son again with the aim of improving his times

About: Real life father and son play this painful family drama perfectly. Tom wanted to demonstrate his caring-father casting type, as well as showing a bit of bite. I wanted to make sure I offer him the opportunity to offer both sides, and I think he does a great job


Title: My Job

Performed by: Cerys Knighton, Steve Harris

Genre: Investigative/Crime Drama

Tagline: A detective has been tasked with finding out who murdered a local girl, but her main suspect doesn't want to come easily

About: Cerys wanted to demonstrate her ability in a 'stronger' role. She already has an impressive showreel, and wanted an additional scene to compliment what she already has and to show range

Title: Under The Bus

Performed by: James Stallwood, Ben Cooper

Genre: Crime / Comedy

Tagline: After waiting over an hour for his partner to arrive after a planned robbery, tensions are running high

About: This scene was written by me as just a bit of fun to keep my typing fingers sharp. James was perfectly cast in the role and recommended his friend Ben to play the second role. They have a great chemistry, and they do a great job bringing the script to life 

Title: Communication

Performed by: Gillian Fischer, Mark Beauchamp

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Tagline: A married couple of over twenty years discuss what it may take to spruce up their relationship

About: This was one of three scenes I wrote for Gillian, and I wanted to make sure I offered her range. Gillian was dipping her toe in, and so I suggested a light comedy to start off with. I think both actors do a terrific job at beginning the humour to life

Title: Birthday Surprise

Performed by: Stewart Barham, Lena Richardson Hill

Genre: Light comedy

Tagline: A husband has seemingly forgotten his wife's birthday, or as he?

About: Stewart wanted to demonstrate a caring side to his ability - he has a type cast and wanted to expand on that and demonstrate his range. Both Stewart and Lena do a terrific job and you get a sense that they've been married for a long time! Her frustration and his playfulness

Title: True Or False

Performed by: Elle Zahrouni, Chin Nyenwe

Genre: Drama

Tagline: A couple try to work out what is going wrong with their relationship by playing a game of true or false

About: Elle knew her casting type, and because this was the only scene we filmed together, I wanted to make sure I nailed it for her. I tried to give her character an arc within the scene so she could play different beats and demonstrate range