I can write, film and edit short bespoke 'film-like' scenes tailored to your specific casting type to help progress your career and get you cast! Whether it be adding range to your current showreel with a new genre or character, or starting from scratch, I've got you covered!

My aim is to produce professional scenes that look like they’ve been taken from a short or feature film – perfect for your new showreel. I am an award-winning filmmaker, and have been making films with 23½ Films for almost ten years, and my experience shooting with small crews and low budgets will help guide you through the process of producing a 'showreel from scratch'. To find out more about what you'll get from filming a showreel from scratch with me, visit our why choose us? page. I am based in Brighton, but can travel to London and anywhere in the South East, UK for no extra cost to you!

No more waiting around for footage! I pride myself on a quick turnaround without sacrificing on quality, so all this can be achieved in a matter of weeks. I also aim to have the finished scene or showreel sent to you within a few days after filming. I genuinely care about the work I produce, so I regularly upload examples of my scenes and scripts so you can see for yourself the standard of work I produce.

You're interested, what next? Once you've chosen how many scenes you want  to film for your 'showreel from scratch' you can either book via our website or contact us direct. I will then arrange a time to discuss the project further with you at your convenience. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page or contact us directly.

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or contact us direct: DanielHardingShowreels@gmail.com


"Getting a new showreel is a big decision and something you want to get right. I cannot recommend Daniel enough. He was so approachable, professional and a skilled film maker. The scenes he wrote were varied, he listened to what I wanted and gave plenty of time to film. I even got my scenes back the next day! So impressed."

- Sophie O.



If you would like to book a showreel, please click here. For any other questions, try visiting our FAQs page or leave an enquiry below
If you don't hear back from me within a couple of days please check your junk mail for a reply
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